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Songs for Extinction Rebellion Events

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GR = Gorious Rabble of Stephen Taberner
Lyrics Scores, & Song sheets
Aint gonna let nobody turn me round       all - aint gonna let the system
Climate Justice Now (People gonna rise like water)        

Coal Dont dig it - GR - sing with
Warms not cool


Oil - don't drill it


Coal don't dig it - all - YouTube

Lift upour voices (Freedom is coming)        
My roots go down to the earth        
People gonna rise like water        
Power to the people   Street chant Power to the people - piano   all - street
Tall trees Mother I feel...        
The children/earth have spoken      
This Land is all that we have
Warm's not cool - GR - sing with Coal/oil dont dig it   warms not cool, warm is not, is not warms not cool, yip yip  
all - YouTube
We are rising up - round        
We dont want to mess up the future        
We got all the love - pdf
When London lies under the ocean
(My bonny lies over the ocean)
Wotcha gonna do - GR   all - Tutorial
all - YouTube

Chants for Rebellion /street Parties -txt

Climate change songs from SeaGreen Singers repertoire          
Power to the people        
Lyrics of songs          
Extnction rebellon song sheet 2 March 2019: (same as below but smaller to fit on one A4 sheet instead of both sides of one)
carbon free society - english county garden
tar sands - daisy daisy
leave the oil in the ground - diggers song
lay down your rigs - aint gonna study war
sing for the climate - bella cia
transition town melody - when the saints, swing low, I'm gonna sing
one song one dance one world one chance
what can we do about global warming - what shall we dowiththedrunken sailor
down where the trees are tall - down by the riverside
Songsheet for TownHall demo
7th Dec 2018: divestment 9.30am
Mamazola Mamazola
Mosquito song         All mosquito
Sacred Ground
All sacred ground
My eyes are high - Kirsty Martin see 'All in this
Never doubt - PollyBolton         All
Power to the people - XRchant         at demo - mp3
Pure our land  
Rising Up        
Sacred Ground
Stand up - Kirst Martin       All
Sweet Earth. we remember


General Interest: The Island Jazz Opera

Listen to 'The Island' by William Russo, words by Adrian Michell, with Cleo Lane and Dennis Quilley, played by the Russo orchestra, leader Leon Calvert. This is a jazz opera written for radio at around the time of the expulsion of the Diego Garcia islanders to make way for a US airbase as described in an article by John Pilger. It combines the resources of a chamber orchestra and a big band. It contrasts the superficialities of US popular culture with the simplicity of the islanders. It was recorded from the radio but the quality is sufficient to convey the beauty and power of the music and the tragedy of the story. I have put it here because it is unavailable elsewhere. I think the political message is still too strong to re-broadcast it
Click here to listen to it (10 minute mp3 files parts 1 to 3)

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