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Sea Green Singers - We Are All Under The Stars - Text for International Womans Day reading, 8th March 2012, Oxford Town Hall
To print score pages 1 and 2 on 1 A4 sheet

Text Adapted from
'Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women'
and the
'Canadian Universal Charter of Women's Right'
to accompany 'We are all under the stars'

Equality between women and men is a findamental right, we call for Gender Equality, to ensure the full realisation for women's potential, to enable better gender distribution in positions of power, with more quality jobs for women

We call for genuine opportunities for both women and men to enjoy a work life balance and for the closure of the gender pay gap. We call for Gender balance in decision-making, in political and personal life and the development of a gender aware society.

We demand the full enjoyment of fundamental rights by women and girls as part of universal human rights. This is essential for the advancement of women and girls and for world peace, security and the sustainable future for all.